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“3 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make That Result in Conflict and FrustrationAnd How to Avoid These Forever”

Congratulations on your engagement!  You must be ecstatic to work towards creating the magical day that you have been dreaming about for so long.

Or … is this process way harder and more emotional than you thought? 

You are not alone.  Wedding planning is an immensely exciting time in life and should be full of compassion and support from the loved ones.  Unfortunately, while it begins that way, the journey from engagement to wedding often becomes laden with emotions, expectations and conflict.

Our mission is to support our brides through this journey and transform the process into a fulfilling experience that brings families together.  We invite you to join our webinar on “3 Biggest Mistakes Brides Make That Result in Conflict and Frustration – And How to Avoid These Forever” to learn about the common traps that can hold you back.

Nina is a bridal coach, helping brides navigate the emotional roller coaster of wedding planning.  She understands the stress that you are dealing with and is an expert in coaching brides on how to handle these difficult situations.  In this webinar, she will share powerful insights that will set you up for success during wedding planning and beyond.

Join us if you’re ready to remove the conflict and overwhelm in your wedding planning.

We know how valuable your time is, and as such, have packed the webinar with proven solutions that will make an immediate difference for you.

Email us to get access to the webinar.


“…Brides are in great hands with Nina. She is able to look at the big picture of the whole family, and use that wisdom to ensure brides create the family dynamics and relationships they want.” – Tina


“Nina has an uncanny ability to identify the solutions to your blocks, yet it is her skilled facilitation that flips the standard approach around where Nina enables you to find your own solutions from within you. While it might sound simple, it’s an extremely transformational experience and Nina’s patience and professionalism throughout is akin to a guru, more than anything else…” – Ricci


“I have had a fantastic opportunity to work with Nina as a coach. She listens to all that you have to share and her communication style is clear, open and honest. She will inspire you to reach your full potential, and more! And if you need someone to hold you accountable, she is your woman! I am truly honored and blessed to have her in my life.”  — Marla

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