The Dove Program

Dove is an individualized 1:1 coaching program with Nina.  It offers six modules that move you from being in your potentially frustrated situation to understanding your core drivers and being able to handle the challenges being thrown at you with grace and wisdom.  By the end of the program, there will be no ounce of “Bridezilla” in you and your family and friends will love, appreciate and admire you for it.

Why?  Because you will be clear about what lens you and your loved ones see the wedding planning process through and you will have Nina to help you work through challenging situations. 

Dove program includes an intensive motivation analyzer tool, Enneagram.  This tool will help you identify your strengths and how to live fully into them, and recognize the part of you that is not serving you or your loved ones.  Learn more about Enneagram.

The following six sessions are planned during the entire wedding planning at a pace that works best for you.


Session #1:  Goal Setting

In the first session, Nina helps you identify your most pressing issues and works with you to create the vision of what you want to create on your wedding.  It is a powerful session that helps you assess your circumstances from a ten thousand feet view and reveals your core values and desires. 

After the session, you will take the Enneagram questionnaire.


Session #2:  Enneagram Report Debrief I

Nina will share your report and review your Core Motivational Type in detail.  She will discuss your Sub-Type and Centers of Expression.  This session leads to some massive AHAs.  Very often, clients uncover deep seated beliefs that had been holding them back and learn tools to break free.


Session #3:  Enneagram Report Debrief II

This session allows you to deepen the understanding of your Ennea Type.  Nina guides you to understand other aspects of the report such as Lines, Wings and Hornevian/Harmonics.  Nina pushes the conversation forward by helping you consider your conflicts in this new light.  


Session #4:  The Perspective Wheel

In this session, you learn about all the 9 Ennea types.  With this knowledge, you hypothesize about where key family/friends lay within the Enneagram.  With deep understanding of your own type, Nina helps you discover the dos and don’ts of each Ennea type. 


Session #5:  The Family Tree

You identify 3-5 key members in your wedding who have the biggest influence.  Nina helps identify their Ennea type and guides you to work effectively with them.  You can discuss specific issues or overall dynamics and Nina coaches you to find ways to shift things.  


Session #6: The Big Day

The last session is designed to help you stay grounded and create the day of your dreams.  Nina coaches you pick the qualities to step into on the big day and how to fully embody them.  Nina facilitates you to focus on your biggest priorities and reaffirms ways to handle any hiccups.


Note: Each session is 1.5 hours long and can be conducted in person or via Zoom.

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