Did you know that our core motivations are hard wired in us right from our childhood and stay the same throughout our life?  It is one of those nature vs. nurture things.  And the best part is that it’s possible to find out what those core motivations are.  These motivations drive our choices and behaviors, likes and dislikes and strengths and challenges.  Yet, most people in the world don’t know with a level of certainty what theirs are.  

A tool called the Enneagram reveals our core motivations in the most accurate, in-depth, tangible way that I have ever come across.  It informs us that there are 9 core motivations in the world, and EVERYONE falls into one of the 9 types.  Our motivation type is what drives everything that we do – consciously and unconsciously.  The Enneagram assessment reveals ours. It also captures the complexity and nuance of who we are by digging into multiple arenas called Subtypes, Wings, Centres of Expression, Lines etc.  The tool has origins in mathematics and has been researched and refined over centuries.  If you are curious to know more, see here.

Integrative Enneagram, an organization based out of South Africa has taken the tool to the next level by refining the questionnaire to be dynamic in nature (so it offers questions based on your responses) and has cultivated millions of data points to bring the assessment to a 97% level of accuracy.  Learn more here

I hope the insights and revelations are as profound for you as they have been for me and my clients.  I look forward to sharing the tool with you and supporting you with your new found wisdom and map.

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