Congratulations on your engagement!  What a precious time this is – getting treated like a princess and planning your special day with all your loved ones.  You must be overjoyed!

Or did that feeling pass way too quickly and you have found yourself feeling anxious and overwhelmed?

If yes, you have come to the right place.  I understand what you are experiencing and can assure you that it is totally normal to feel this way.  I love all things wedding and I also know where things can go sideways because I’ve made every mistake in the book, and I’ve seen the challenges with countless other brides.

Weddings can either make or break friendships and families.  I’m here to ensure your story is one that makes it. Weddings are meant to be full of joy and love – a beautiful gateway to a life of new experiences.  I’m here to help remove anything in the way of you experiencing that. I will ensure that you walk with grace and wisdom through any and all challenges that you will face through this journey.


Nina is a bridal coach, helping brides navigate the emotional roller coaster of wedding planning.  She has been coaching for over 10 years and has certifications in multiple techniques, tools and approaches.  She is 100% committed to your success and healthy state of mind.  

She is unique because she has a way of telling the truth and uncovering the core issues in a way that is beautiful, kind and supportive.  She uses her corporate experience to hold her brides to a high standard, while utilizing her coaching expertise to create the safe space for movement and results.  She loves weddings, she gets how stressful a time it is for brides and she is all in with you to support you through the journey and create your magical experience. Read More.


Dove is the signature Inner Beauty Brides program where Nina takes you through a robust course spanning your wedding planning journey.  It is designed to ensure that the bride is grounded in herself and is aware of her strengths and blindspots.  It focuses on core relationships and ensures the bride has the tools to manage the complexity and conflict.  The program leads to the bride feeling more fulfilled having handled the conflicts effectively.  Learn More.


BBalanced program is a 12 week program designed to bring your life into alignment through focusing on areas that often get de-prioritized — These areas are in fact the lifeline of living a fulfilling life.  We will create an individualized plan for you and I will hold you accountable to following the plan and creating what you deserve in your life. Learn More.


Did you know that our core motivations are hard wired in us right from our childhood and stay the same throughout our life? It is one of those nature vs. nurture things. The best part is that it’s possible to find out what those core motivations are.  

Enneagram is a tool that reveals the deepest parts of who we are and what motivates us, and sheds light on how to be the best versions of ourselves.  It has been researched for centuries and has been fine tuned into a personalized questionnaire and report. The level of detail and accuracy it offers makes it the #1 assessment tool coaches use across the globe today. Learn More.