BBalanced Program

Many people believe we need more time in our lives.  I would argue that way before Time, we need more Energy.  Nothing brings energy more fluidly and rapidly than living in alignment with our values in all aspects of our life.  The BBalanced program is designed to bring you into alignment, open the floodgates of energy and create a holistic life for you.  

BBalanced program offers 12 sessions offering an opportunity to rediscover your passions and priorities, create a plan to revitalize them and take action to realize them.

Nina is a key to why this program works.  She keeps you accountable, provides perspective and insights, and gently nudges you forward to achieve what you need to create a more balanced and wholesome life.

BBalanced Minis

Session #1: Values and Vision

In the first session we will work to reveal your core values, passions and priorities that energize you and bring you joy.  We will then determine how they translate into your short term and long term vision for your life.


Session #2: Goal Exploration

In this session, we work together to translate the vision to tangible goals.  These are meaningful goals that capture the essence of what is desired.  We establish 3 goals – a Personal Goal, a Contribution Goal and a Self Honoring Goal.  


Session #3: Goals Finalization

In this session, we finalize the goals.  Once, the overall goals are established, we create weekly progress map of steps that will lead you to accomplishing the goal by the end of week 10.  We lock and load the goals in our tracking sheet and press start!


Session #4-10: Momentum Calls

These sessions are weekly check-in calls where we review your progress from the previous week.  We celebrate the wins and inspect and analyze what came up for you in the process.  We plan and re-energize to win the next week.


Session #11: Celebration

This session is a completion ceremony where we celebrate what you achieved in the program.  We review all the lessons learnt along the way and nuggets of wisdom that you could turn to whenever you needed it.  This becomes a source of power for everything you do in life.


Session #12: What’s Next?

Completion of goals and lack of new movement can lead to a mini depression.  In this last session we look to new inspirations and commit to new things for the future.

Note: Each session is 45 minutes long and can be delivered in person or via Zoom.



“I tend to get too focused on one or two key priorities in my life. For example, the time I was starting up my own business. I allow that one priority to take over all aspects of my life. I was not spending a lot of time with my husband and kids or even on myself because I was so consumed by what I needed to do for my business. And then, this program came along. Everything shifted. I did not expect this program to be so powerful. It is incredibly holistic and it REALLY works. It has helped me create a balance in my life by helping me see what the real priorities in my life are. The best part was that even though I was spending quality time on other priorities, I felt so fulfilled and enthusiastic that I was more present when I worked on my business priorities. Nina’s support, guidance and knack to call my bullsh*t out have been instrumental in this transition. My journey continues and I can’t wait to discover how much more there is to life.” – Neha

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